Time Traveler

My name is Jeff and I like to travel a lot. I was walking around the neighborhood and I came across a box on the sidewalk. I approached the box and I looked around. No one was even near this box so I had no idea who it belonged to so I opened the box […]

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My Family and I went to orlando to see my family for the second time and i think it was the first for connor. It was a five hour flight to orlando.By the way our cousins name was Katie and Kevin. When we got to our cousins house, Connor and I noticed something right away.One […]

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Kick The Can Part One

In the summer there is kick the can on Wednesday and Saturday,but when it is not the summertime it is only on saturdays. When they start we do the kick the can game. It is a game that a person is it and everyone else hides. The objective for that game is for the it […]

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MooMoo is a game that you build fight and make a team. In MooMoo to make structures you have to get the resources to build that object or structure. Everytime you level up you get a new weapon to fight enemies or you get new things to build more things like cannons,walls, and others. You […]

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Calculords is math game. You try to beat the other team by using math. The other team ( cpu ) summons troops to attack you and your army so you summon troops by using math. The troop you want to summon has a number next to him or she. You have a certain numbers and […]

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Python is a coding language that is way different from the game scratch. Instead of dragging code ( scratch ), In python you type the code on your own. Python is a little harder than other sites for coding. Many People use python for work / at their jobs. This is a little example:This is […]

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Dancing Line

Dancing Line is a game I play on my computer / tablet. In the game there is many kinds levels. Each level you have to get your guy to the end of the round. Once it says 100% that means you beat that round and you could go on to the next round, every time […]

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Scratch is a website that you can learn to code to make your own games.People can comment you about your games and some may give you ideas of what to do next.Thay could also give your game you made a like,that means thay like it or thay might give it a star that means that […]

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Roblox is a game that you could do many things. Things that you could do is doing games made by people.You could also join your friends game. Two other things that you could do is custimize your character and buy things from the catolog. The lasts things you could do is that you could create […]

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Minecraft is a game that you could build,create and destroy. You could also choose game modes like snowballs our shovels. There is also a mode that is called survival. Survival is a game that you start with nothing and make your own houses and resources. There is also a online minecraft game on computer. That […]

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